Welcome to the Family, Gonad!

Millie and I spent the morning cleaning through the mountains of toys in the basement. I threw them away, and she pulled them back out and explained a reason for keeping each and every broken toy down there. It was exhausting. The good news is, Millie found a bunch of her big sister’s old dolls. She was super excited. After lunch I joined in playing with Millie. She introduced me to her new babies. When I asked her what their names were she said: “This one is Peachy, and this one is Gonad.” I asked her several times to repeat this ratty looking, coloured on, naked baby doll’s name. I thought maybe I was just misunderstanding her. But no. She was loudly and clearly telling me that her new baby’s name is Gonad. GONAD! I couldn’t stop laughing. Where did she come up with that? Do I want to know?

Just to keep myself entertained, I asked her about his last name. She told me his name is baby Gonad Banana. I couldn’t believe it AGAIN! To make myself laugh even more, I asked if it was just Banana or Banana Hammock. She agreed that Gonad Banana Hammock had a really good ring to it. So, I’ve spent the afternoon listening to my 3 year old talk to a baby named Gonad. It’s Gonad this, and Gonad that… “Shhh…Gonad is sleeping!”

I feel like I’m far too immature to be a parent. Really.

Here’s Millie & Gonad. She’s nuts about him!


Summer Highlights

Since it is currently too hot to do anything but sit, I figured now would be a good time to update my blog. A good time to get back to the reason I started it in the first place. Organizing and keeping track of all of the fun and not-so-fun times in our lives. Since my last post came about from a pretty miserable situation, I thought I’d just do a quick update on all the good things that we’ve been up to in the past little while.

Summer is half-way over. I’m pretty sad about that, but looking back, I think so far, we’ve surpassed the bar when it comes to good times. So, just from my iPhone pictures/Facebook, I’m going to do highlights, with captions. My version of scrap booking, without all my angry outbursts about my lack of creativity.


This was the beginning of strawberry season, and also the beginning of summer. Nick and I have this crazy dream that our kids won’t be lazy and useless adults, so we have been on a mission to make them work for their gizmos and gadgets.  So, with that… came this idea. Selling berries from my Aunt & Uncle’s farm. The kids did really well. They learned that sometimes it’s hot and boring, and you don’t make much money. They also annoyed me beyond belief with their impatience. But, they still have their earnings and are saving for an end of summer present for themselves.

When the summer actually started, we became too busy to be sitting out on the side of the road selling berries. I know, I have a huge rant in me about how over-booked summers get, and how very stressful summer “vacation” can be. But, this is a positive post, right? So, continuing on…

summer2015-15  Canada Day 2015! It rained and we told the kids the fireworks were cancelled, even though they weren’t. Sometimes we suck at being parents… But look how cute they are in their matching Canada Day outfits! That’s gotta count for something, right?

But I think we made it up to them just a few days later when the Annual Volleyball Tournament weekend came around. This year I didn’t put even half the amount of thought into the preparations or planning as I did the year before. Luckily for me, my whining and complaining about how much work it was paid off, because my brother-in-law was sick of listening to me and basically organized the whole thing… A total blessing for me. Whoever says bitching and complaining doesn’t get you anywhere is TOTALLY wrong! It went off without a hitch. No one was injured (maybe a few egos) during the games and lucky for us, no one complained of food poisoning from our home-raised pig. SUCCESS!!

We tried to guesstimate how many people were actually at our house that day and I think we all agreed that it must have been pushing 120. There were a TON of kids. At one point a friend of mine told me she counted 26 kids in the pool. I still don’t know how I feel about that. Kids pee in the pool. Everyone knows that. I can’t even think about it.

So, here are a few pictures of the volleyball action.

summer2015-11 summer2015-10

There was a lot of controversy this year about teams, especially regarding Nick and my now brother-in-law (more about that later), Stephen. I can assure everyone, that the teams weren’t rigged. I will agree that Nick and Stephen must never be able to play together again. Main reason: They are too freaking obsessive about it. They practice. They take it VERY seriously.

This year’s theme was action movies. Can you guess what team Nick & Stephen were on? That’s right. Top Gun. They did the high five from the movie’s volleyball scene, they wore matching shirts and aviator sunglasses. They would quote the movie. They called each other Maverick & Goose for Lord’s sake! They drove me and everyone else insane! In the end, team Top Gun won!

summer2015-13 summer2015-12

I have a ton of pictures of everyone playing volleyball, swimming, playing in the yard… But I think my description is enough. After the pig was served with all of the fantastic food that our gracious guests brought (seriously, there was a TON this year. THANK YOU!), we had a bonfire and watched fireworks. I won’t be negative about the fireworks display, because this is a “happy happy” post. But, I will say that fireworks and my husband do not mix. Every year, at least once, this man goes out and spends more than I do on groceries for a month on things that he can blow up. I don’t get the obsession. I never will. I’m just glad no one was set on fire during his display.

summer2015-14 Great idea Nick, I’m glad you didn’t blow yourself up.

The middle of July meant more swimming, BBQ, volleyball games on the fly and tons of friends.

The other day Nick and I were sitting around the pool, watching our kids swim and we realized that it was the first day in a long time that we didn’t have company. It was totally weird.

Our house is busy all year round, but in the summer it becomes a mad-house. We always have company. I am always prepared to feed a crowd. Nick and I love that about this house. We have lots of space, a great yard, pool, barn with animals for the kids to visit. It’s the best place on the planet during the summer months. I think anyone who knows me, knows how quickly my tune changes come January though. 😉

My sister said it best when she said  “Pool, good food, beer, volleyball. Everyone knows your house is the place to be.” It’s the number one reason I said I didn’t want to go to New York this summer with the kids. Summer is the best here. I’ll leave from Nov. – May. anytime.

So, since my sister obviously loves our house so much, she asked me to host her rehearsal dinner here. Nick and I were happy to do so. Stephen’s family is all from out of town, so we wanted to make it easier on everyone and just keep it simple. I thought it would be an easy day of swimming and eating food, with some ceremony practice added in. Obviously Stephen, Libby & NICK had different ideas. They started this:


A volleyball game on their wedding rehearsal. So very them. Everyone had a great time.

To end the month of July off… This happened:


Shit, wait. That was supposed to be a very formal picture of my sister and her new husband. Oh well. This is more fun. Libby & Stephen KILLING it on the dance floor. The wedding itself was beautiful and picture perfect. The party afterwards was EPIC! I haven’t seen my sister let loose like that since her early university years. It was awesome!

The kids were there, dressed to the nines. Millie refused to be in the wedding unless I gave her a bag of Smart Food. She’s just a little demanding. I get it though. If you’re gonna dress up in a fancy dress (she hates dresses), you MUST have popcorn!


When the kids went home (before dinner, because we’re awesome planners like that), Nick and I had an absolutely awesome time dancing and carrying on with everyone! Nick was a dancing machine. I’ve never seen him have that much fun. He’d kill me for posting this picture, but it captures the entire mood for the both of us. SO. MUCH. FUN!summer2015-5

Best part of the wedding (in our opinion of course):

summer2015-3 Summer2015-2

The S & L Tuttle Cup!

Nick and I wanted to do something really special for these two very competitive kids. They have rooms filled with medals and trophies from their athletic accomplishments. What they don’t have is the S & L Tuttle Cup, a wedding trophy! Nick came up with the idea of a trophy presentation during my speech. I think a lot of people were confused, but Stephen & Libby loved it! What better way to top off a marriage than being presented a beautiful trophy to mark the occasion? I still shake my head at the thought of this. But Nick was right, it was perfect. We started the trophy with the first plaque that has their names and wedding date. Hopefully, with each year they’ll add another. Maybe they’ll use to to mark all of their accomplishments as a married couple. Maybe they’ll hide it in their basement (just like I would). But I’m thinking it’s on display RIGHT now!

It was a surprise for them, but Nick called it before he even brought it home to show me. He said: “Stephen will drink beer from this trophy FOR SURE!” Guess what? He did! So did my prim & proper sister! It was amazing!

So now, after an amazing weekend like that, we’re just laying low. Trying to recover from the excitement that July brought. It’s currently 28.2 degrees in here, so the kids and I are about to go back out to our pool for more of this.


Bring on August!!

The Snaggle-Teeth Kids

We have tooth issues in this house. First, Jack kicked Natalie in the face and her tooth fell out. The dentist assured us it was loose anyway. As if that made us feel any better about the mortal combat going down in our living room. Then one day I noticed Millie was missing half of her front tooth. Again, the dentist checked to make sure all was OK. We are still unsure of how and when she fell. Bad parents? Maybe. Finally, Natalie and Jack got into another scrap and Jack ended up smashing his face off of our coffee table. Four loose teeth. Turns out, the dentist was wrong though. One of the teeth didn’t re-root itself. It started turning a yucky brown colour. 

Yesterday Jack went to the dentist and had his brown tooth pulled. He wasn’t anxious or upset about this dentist trip. In fact, the dentist took a look and asked Jack if he thought it would be better to wait for a few days to pull it out. He told Jack that he understood how he might be scared to do it right then and there. Jack just told him to get it over with. He was totally fine with the idea of this man he didn’t really know, yanking his front tooth out. The dentist couldn’t believe it! After a needle and laughing gas, Jack was carrying his tooth in a little box. He came home and sat with his tooth guessing how much he’d get from the Tooth Fairy. It was good fun. 

Then it was time for bed. Jack kept trying to avoid going. He didn’t want to carry his tooth upstairs. He wanted nothing to do with the whole Tooth Fairy situation. Eventually he flat out told us that he was scared of her. He didn’t like the idea of this “fairy” touching his pillow while he slept. He wasn’t going to have it. Eventually he thought it would be a good idea if we put his tooth under the pillow in the spare room. That way the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t have to go near his pillow. That’s exactly how he wanted the trade to go down. We did as he asked.

I was trying to think of why he was so afraid of this friendly fairy who leaves money. Hell, I wish she’d come and leave money under my pillow. When I asked Jack he brought up Percy, our Elf on the Shelf from this past Christmas. Jack hated Percy. He was terrified of him, and never did get used to his presence. He was always wary when he’d have to walk by him. He was petrified that Percy would come to life and attack him at any given moment.

When Jack asked me if the Tooth Fairy is like Percy I knew that the Elf on the Shelf wasn’t nearly as fun for Jack as it was meant to be. Now Jack is afraid of money-toting fairies who take your teeth while you sleep and elves that come alive at night. I can’t wait until Easter, when we have to assure Jack that the Easter Bunny won’t go into his room.

Here’s Jack’s stunning mugshot now that he’s missing a tooth. It still looks pretty nasty. I’m praying his new tooth comes in soon. 🙂