My Feral Summer

Guys, is summer over yet? Really… I don’t think I can take anymore of it. The kids have me boiling over with rage daily now. I can’t even anymore. They make huge messes, they fight CONSTANTLY, they are ALWAYS with me. Right now, my son is sitting beside me slurping cereal in my ear. The clang of his spoon on the bowl, followed by the long obnoxious SLURP! NO MORE!! Why must he sit right beside me? I feel like I cannot escape. Also, is it normal for a kid to eat a WHOLE box of cereal everyday? I mean really, the only thing he eats is cereal. The milk consumption is out of control!!

I’ve literally had 1 day off without kids this summer. I should’ve spent the day cleaning the mountains of dirty clothes and/or packing them for their friend’s house/camp etc etc. But no. HELL NO.  I spent it with a friend, without kids, doing whatever the hell I wanted to do. Eating and buying books. I actually shouldn’t even be sitting here right now. I should be cleaning and packing again… but I’m so tired of it. I did plan on running this morning, but slept in because I was up for 3 hours in the middle of the night debating whether or not I like sandwiches or tacos better. Answer: Sandwiches. So, when my alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. it wasn’t happening. When I finally rolled myself out of bed, I got dressed in my work out clothing thinking that after I dropped Natalie off at her friends’ that I’d come home and run on the treadmill (can’t leave the other 2 kids alone without Natalie). Well, here I am. Not working out. I look like I might though. My outfit is great. Running shoes on. The thing is, I went downstairs and got on the treadmill and lasted…wait for it….46 seconds. 46 seconds before I said, nah…I’m not into this. Then I thought maybe I’d play around on the Bowflex. Ha ha! Instead, I sat on the seat thingy and scrolled through Instagram. Not today Satan. But honestly, this is basically what summer has been like for me. Completely worn out from constantly driving the kids places, living out of laundry baskets, cleaning, eating complete garbage food. I’m so tired. I need structure and a schedule. I need school so bad. I can’t handle another day of cleaning slime out of the carpets and being the referee in debates on whether or not a cottage needs to be on a lake or not to be considered a cottage. HONESTLY!! This is what my kids are fighting about now. It’s just enough already.

My friend gave me these socks just yesterday at lunch. I almost died laughing. She said that when she saw them, it was literally RIGHT after I said the exact same thing to her. She knew I had to have them.


The socks say it all.

I’m ready guys. It’s time. The countdown is on.


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