Testing, Testing, 1,2,3 – Does This Thing Still Work?

This past weekend someone at a party asked me if I was still writing my blog. Earlier this week, I got an automatic website renewal reminding me that I actually had a blog. I kinda forgot I guess. It’s been 7 months since I last posted anything. I don’t know why. It’s not like all of the sudden I have nothing to say (impossible for me). It’s just that I got a little distracted…again.

So, I guess this is just a post to say I’m not done with this blog yet (They charged my visa so I’ll be here for the next year at least 🙂 ). I’m just really shitty at keeping this thing up, and most of the time I’m not witty and clever enough to keep other people entertained. Most of the time the things I really want to say about my life are best kept to my small circle of mom friends who aren’t afraid to hear what a bottle of wine and I think about say, a class field trip to the outdoor education centre with over 20 kindergarteners. Some things are best kept between understanding friends…

But I digress… The last 7 months…right…

Summer came and went. We had lots of parties with friends, I survived camping…we did the usual summer stuff. Fall came and Amelia, my youngest started school. I cried for a week. Now, I only cry when the buses are cancelled.


We renovated part of our barn into the company’s new shop and our offices. We completed some more renovations at the house as well, which lasted forever and almost drove me over the edge. Nick and I took a trip to Ireland where I found a love for Guinness and sheep, and learned that I am prone to car sickness. Good times…


Now it’s December and Christmas is in full-swing at our house. Our calendar is full and already I’m looking forward to January so things can slow down again. I can’t complain though, because although it’s so obnoxious to say, we are truly blessed. I know, I just gagged a little as I wrote that. But really, I’m trying to keep myself focused on how much I love Christmas and not on how angry I get by the crowds, the rude shoppers, the greedy sticky candy-cane covered children…oh and that elf. That ELF ON THE FREAKIN’ SHELF! I’m done with him already. At night Nick and I plot ways to get rid of him for good. We’re planning on putting just his hat in our cat’s litter box and telling the kids that Hammer ate him.


Better start saving for the kids’ therapy bills…

Aside from that, we just keep on keepin’ on… Hopefully it won’t be 7 months until my next post.





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