Happy 4th Birthday Miss Millie Willie!

To my baby on her 4th birthday…

For the longest time I was sure that you’d never grow up. That you’d be our baby forever. Last night your dad looked at me and said, “she’s so different from our other kids, isn’t she?” I was up at 4 am this morning thinking about that. How true that statement really is. Your huge personality can’t be contained in your little body. This past year you’ve really come into your own, so to speak. While I wouldn’t say you were ever shy or reserved, I always just assumed that you’d follow your sister and brother, do as they did, model yourself after them. I ASSUMED you’d be shy, quiet and seeking the approval of your older siblings. How wrong I was. You have your own way with everything. If the kids are building a sandcastle, you’re building a spaceship. If you’re asked to draw Santa Claus, you’ll draw a snowman instead. Your imagination is out of this world and watching the wheels turn in you has, and probably always will, shock and amaze me.

This past year I’ve watched you from the sidelines, and wondered, where in the world did she get that from? That personality. That confidence. That ability to care so little about what others are doing or thinking. With the other kids, I could say no and that would be the end of it. With you, at the age of just 3 you had already honed in on some pretty strong negotiation practices. If I said no juice, just water, you’d convince me to give you milk because it’s healthy. This past summer I told you I was too busy to get you chocolate milk (we were having a big party), and then I saw you come out of the house with a cup of it. I stood out of sight and listened while you convinced a person you didn’t even know to get a cup out of the cupboard, and pour you some milk. I was shocked. I thought you were shy, but I watched you sit down beside strangers and start a conversation with them. Just the looks on their faces as this messy-haired little girl sat down beside them and started telling them about toys and games…it was priceless.

In a couple of days, you’ll be 4 years old. That’s a big deal Miss Millie! I can’t say I’m sad to see you grow up, because as you do, I like you more and more. You’re not a helpless baby anymore. You’re becoming this strong-willed, independent girl who always leaves people wondering, “what WILL she come up with next?”

May your huge imagination, heart and mind lead you to the greatest of things!

Love You! XO