Welcome to the Family, Gonad!

Millie and I spent the morning cleaning through the mountains of toys in the basement. I threw them away, and she pulled them back out and explained a reason for keeping each and every broken toy down there. It was exhausting. The good news is, Millie found a bunch of her big sister’s old dolls. She was super excited. After lunch I joined in playing with Millie. She introduced me to her new babies. When I asked her what their names were she said: “This one is Peachy, and this one is Gonad.” I asked her several times to repeat this ratty looking, coloured on, naked baby doll’s name. I thought maybe I was just misunderstanding her. But no. She was loudly and clearly telling me that her new baby’s name is Gonad. GONAD! I couldn’t stop laughing. Where did she come up with that? Do I want to know?

Just to keep myself entertained, I asked her about his last name. She told me his name is baby Gonad Banana. I couldn’t believe it AGAIN! To make myself laugh even more, I asked if it was just Banana or Banana Hammock. She agreed that Gonad Banana Hammock had a really good ring to it. So, I’ve spent the afternoon listening to my 3 year old talk to a baby named Gonad. It’s Gonad this, and Gonad that… “Shhh…Gonad is sleeping!”

I feel like I’m far too immature to be a parent. Really.

Here’s Millie & Gonad. She’s nuts about him!