3 Cheers For 3 Year-Old Millie!

It’s official. My baby is three! For the past three years I was certain that Millie would be a baby forever. As bad as it is to say, I tried to rush her through the baby stages as fast as I could. I wanted her to grow up and fit in with her brother and sister more. I needed her to be a big girl. And now… she is and I’m just a little sad about it. I can’t lie and say I wish she was a tiny infant again, because I DO NOT. But I can say that I wish that she stays three forever. Millie at three is the most entertaining little being around. She’s completely one of a kind. She’s clever and imaginative and knows exactly what she wants. She’s the little girl who gets what she wants because she’s not afraid to ask for it….over and over and over again. Millie at three is the little girl who talks to herself. Who plays for hours all alone creating food in her toy kitchen. She has parties with her stuffed animals, plays follow the leader with herself and hates being bossed around by her older sister. She’s always on the move, and is quite sneaky about what she’s up to (which is NOT my favourite thing about her). I think her Aunt had the best description of her. “She’s a smart, independent, strong-willed silent type. Screams success to me.”

For her birthday this year she asked for 3 things. 1. A monkey. A real one. 2. A telescope so she “can see EVERYTHING.” 3. A lion. But not a real one. No. It would eat our dog Ty.

Like I said, the girl makes me laugh every single day.

So… Three cheers for my sweet three year old Amelia! Happy Birthday Mills… You have added so much to our family in just three short years. Without you, we wouldn’t be complete!



Millie31 Millie33 millie34

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