Catch Up Time

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write but the past few days have been so busy that when I’m sitting still, I’m either driving or sleeping. We just got back from a trip to Florida with friends. It went surprisingly well for a week with 5 kids. The best part of this trip was the family that went with us. The two young boys (cutest twins ever!) were so well behaved I almost couldn’t believe it. Like really, what kid doesn’t have a total meltdown from excitement of being on vacation? Answer: these two kids. My kids love these boys. They have known them since they started daycare with their mom (who by the way, is the best), and they were over the moon to get a chance to spend a week together in their favourite vacation destination. They saw the sights, swam for hours and had an overall memorable time together. Every night at 7 p.m. the parents did a happy dance when our kids all hopped in bed and we got the rest of the night to ourselves. I’d post pictures, but it was basically the same pictures I’ve been taking for 3 years. Same places, different faces. With 4 trips to the same destination (2 in the same freaking year!!), I can safely say, I am DONE with Florida. I know I’ve said it before, but really… On the long drive home from the airport Nick said something about “next time” and I quickly told him that if he ever so much as whispered the word Florida to me, I’d punch him in the throat. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great place to take your kids, but really… we’ve been there, done that and have multiple Mickey Mouse tee-shirts. It will take me awhile to convince everyone it’s time for a change, but it’s happening. I’m now taking suggestions… 🙂

When we got home it was rough to adjust to the snow and cold and school/daycare routines. On the first day back to school, the secretary called to tell me that Jack was “weepy” and perhaps not feeling well. I was just finishing some things in the office so Nick went to pick him up. He told his dad that he wasn’t sick. He “missed Florida and didn’t care much for the snow.” Really?  I was a little peeved with him until I found the Valentine he made me in his backpack.


This is my Jack. He loves me because I got him expensive ice cream. I guess I can forgive him this ONE time.

I also got a cute thank you card in the mail. A friend from far far away wrote to me to thank me for my blog and Facebook posts. She said “Your voice is the one that often makes me able to remind myself that I’m doing OK and that I’m probably not failing as a mum.” It made me smile and laugh. Thanks Friend. You made my day! BTW, you’re an awesome mom and if you doubt that, just read about my shit-show life on Facebook or this blog. 😉

In just the last little while, I’ve been told by a few women that they read my blog and really relate. It kinda freaked me out. I had no idea. Women who hear about my blog through other women, and not Facebook? Crazy! In all honesty, I didn’t ever start this to get attention or to have people read my stuff. I just needed a place for myself to write about my kids and my life. It has always been for me. The same goes for my Facebook. I totally suck at replying to comments and I don’t pay attention to the number of likes. But the card and the comments from other moms…I don’t know… I don’t really know how to express how that makes me feel. I guess all I can say is, thank you. I appreciate all of your love and support.

The house is awake now, and today is my baby Millie’s 3rd birthday. We have a busy weekend ahead, so I’ll write about that later…

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  XX

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