The Force Is Strong With This One.

Five years ago, in a galaxy far far away, a baby boy was born. The council named him Jack…


I can hardly believe it myself, but my little Jedi is five whole years old. How did that happen? In the past year he’s become more and more of a boy, and less and less of a baby. He gets irritated at the “baby” cartoons his sister watches and has started talking back in a way I hoped would never happen. Just the other day he yelled “Where are my clothes, minions?!” Minions? Is he referring to his father and I as his minions? How does he even know that word?

Jack is and always will be the boy who makes me smile ear to ear. He’s kind and sweet, and downright hilarious. His teachers tell me that Jack is always concerned with other people’s feelings. He’s always the mediator and peacekeeper. I’m told that he always listens and is always eager to learn. This is shocking to me, considering his somewhat disruptive behaviour at home. He’s the wild animal who jumps out of the car window instead of opening the door. He’s the kid who refuses to walk down the stairs, but prefers to ride the banister down. He’s the kid who has taken to “hulking out” when he’s frustrated. And yet, he’s the good kid at school? I’m so confused.

Five years went by so fast. I really can’t believe it.

When Jack blows out his birthday cake candles and makes his wishes for the perfect Lego set, Star Wars action figure or other weird toy I don’t quite understand the importance of, I will be thinking of my five wishes. Five wishes for my sweet five year old.

1. May you always be the peacekeeper. Continue to be the person who helps to fix problems instead of creating them. Always think of other people and try to see things from their point of view as well as your own. At the age of 5, you’re doing a great job at this so far.

2. May you always smile and laugh at the simple things in life. I know that as you get older you’ll have to deal with stress and sadness and even anger. But don’t let those negative things cloud your innate blue-sky personality. Your smile and laughter is contagious. Don’t ever stop sharing it.


3. May you never lose your passion for random knowledge. One of my favourite things about you is how you can recite history and geography facts on a whim. You retain so much of the details and I think that’s important. Life is all in the details. Keep paying attention.

4. May you always be the brother and friend you are today. You’re one of the most loyal little humans I’ve ever met. I’ve watched how you care for both of your sisters and your friends and it makes me so proud. Be true to those few who will always stand with you.

5. May you always dance in the kitchen with your mama. Really, it’s a simple wish of mine. I never ever want you to stop that. You can be embarrassed by me in front of your friends. I get it. I’m old and therefore NOT cool. You don’t need to kiss me before you get on the bus anymore. I can handle that. But the dancing. I’m not letting that go.

Happy birthday to my #1 Jedi… The Force is strong with this one.


2 thoughts on “The Force Is Strong With This One.

  1. Your family reflections are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing Kathryn! I love reading about your vibrant and happy kids. Brings back the magic from not that long ago.

    • It’s great fun isn’t it? I just want to keep notes on this stuff… This way I’ll have reading material when I’m old and senile. 🙂

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