“Sex Sells” – Not Just for Adults Anymore?

This past weekend we took our kids out to buy Hallowe’en costumes. Let me tell you, I was stressed to the max just by the mass of parents and screaming kids all crammed into that one store. The costumes were lined up in rows marked by gender, which totally pissed me off before I even started noticing the content. We started with Jack’s costume. He wanted to be Flash, but since that was unavailable he settled on a storm trooper. Totally suiting considering his ongoing obsession with Star Wars. Next we moved on to the “girl” section. This is when I started to feel my blood boil. Every choice was not only frilly and covered in sequins, it was also extremely sexual. Even the Minnie Mouse, complete with sequins, halter top and mini-skirt screamed one thing to me: SEX! I couldn’t believe my eyes. My daughter was obviously drawn to all the glitz and glam, even while I was making very loud gagging sounds. She really wanted to wear the sparkly mini-skirt with the sequins. How was I going to explain to her that there was no way in hell I’d let her walk out of the house looking like an advertisement for the Debbie Does Dallas remake? Since Natalie has been obsessed with The Wizard of Oz, she really wanted to be the Wicked Witch of the West. I understand, because out of all the characters in the movie, why not be the most interesting? After I weeded through the witch costumes (many of which were neon in colour and came with feathered boas), I found a costume that actually resembled the witch Natalie wanted to dress up as. She was won over by being able to accessorize with a broom and fake nose, and we were out of there.

Those 15-20 minutes I spent in that store made me scared for humanity. The hoards of parents lined up at the cash register with sexy butterfly costumes for their daughters… The comments of “Oooh, this is cute” while showing their kid a kitten get-up that would make a porn star blush. It was like no one in the whole store understood how completely messed up the whole situation was. When the hell did it become OK to market our kids as sexual beings? They are CHILDREN! There is something very wrong with a society that dresses their kids up in sexy costumes for fun. It’s warped and twisted, and I for one will NOT keep my mouth shut about it.

Recently I’ve had quite a few freak outs over the massive amount of sexualization AND sexism in our society. I can’t stand it and I’m always super vocal about it. It’s everywhere though. We can’t escape it. Call me old school, but I don’t understand why everything in our lives has to be fuelled by our sexual organs. I don’t need to watch people going at it every 6 minutes in a TV show to remain interested in it. I don’t want to listen to song after song about people shaking their ass and getting blow jobs. I don’t choose the products I buy based on how “sexy” the advertisements for it are. Everything is a sexual innuendo now, and quite frankly, I’m sick and damn tired of it.

What is making me even more furious is how I’m now watching this filter into the lives of my children. From birth on it’s all about fitting into gender roles (which is another rant, for another day), and being attractive. My eldest daughter is 6 years old and her world is filled with sexual influences already. The dolls she plays with look like hookers. The cartoons on TV are about boys, dating, being popular and the dreaded…FALLING IN LOVE! She is so young, and already I see her judging herself based on appearance. She’s already worried about this stuff. Stuff that I didn’t know existed before I was a teenager!!! It’s not just our girls who suffer from our obsession with sex either. Our boys live in this twisted reality too.

I think what really upsets me is that when I make comments about this topic, or I react in a negative way when I see examples of this shit, people look at me like I have horns growing out of my head. Like I should just relax and accept that this is the way it is. Ha ha. Just laugh about it. Laugh about the blatant sexism of that joke. Be entertained by the show in which I have to watch a solid 4-5 minutes of a woman being raped and beaten to a pulp. That’s some good TV. Just dance and sing along to the #1 song on the radio about getting blow jobs and sleeping with as many “hoes” as possible. Sex sells. Just accept it. It’s funny to look at sexual innuendos at every turn. Who doesn’t want to buy that? It looks like a blow job! Ahahahaha! Stop being so uptight. Well I’m sorry, but I have to say FUCK THAT!! I have 3 little people growing up in this world, and I think they deserve better than this. They deserve to grow up in a world in which they aren’t purely sexual beings. Where their mind and heart is more important than their genitalia. Where sex isn’t about dominating or purely getting off, but instead a beautiful gift to be given and received. They deserve to live in a world where sex isn’t a commodity anymore.