Look Who’s Two!!


Your actual due date was March 10, 2012, but I was sure that you’d be born on March 12th just to spite me. However, on February 20th, I felt the tiny contractions that meant you were on the way (I had no idea, even the third time around). At the time I was making many pans of lasagna for the freezer. That night, we sat down and ate for the last time as a family of four. We had no idea. I sliced into the pan of lasagna and as I put it on the plate, I was delighted with how perfect it turned out. I’ve made many pans of lasagna, for many years, but that night, I got it absolutely bang on perfect. A foreshadowing of things to come maybe? At 11 p.m. I woke your dad up, unsure if it was labour or intense gas from the delicious lasagna. Turns out, it was you! The midwife came at midnight, and by 2:37 a.m. I was holding you. Not only did I make the perfect lasagna that day, but I also made a perfect baby. You were cute as a button, and the first thing the midwife said was, “this girl is the spitting image of her dad.” She was right. 

You were a very sweet baby. As the youngest, you learned early how to go with the flow. You didn’t keep me up all night with screaming or crying. You were never sick. You were perfect little Millie. As a two year old, you’re still cute as a button, sweet as can be, and smart as a whip. You make me laugh every day. Your brother and sister love you and are extremely protective of their “Mills.” You love Dora and The Bubble Guppies, playing dolls and letting Jack hide you in very small spaces in the house (like cupboards and drawers). 

To celebrate your birthday I think it is only fitting that I make you a perfect lasagna. I did this last year as well, although you probably won’t remember that. I will always make you lasagna for your birthday. No matter what. It reminds me of one of the best days of my life. It reminds me of the day you joined our family and made us complete. We love you Mills!

May you never know anything that can’t be cured by your mama’s lasagna!!



I didn’t have a picture of you eating lasagna, so I added one of you and your favourite snack – POPCORN!!





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