Dance Monkey, Dance!

Snow day… AGAIN! Not only a snow day, but I’m on my own with the kids this weekend. Lucky husband is skiing with friends, and I’m stuck here in the snowpocalypse. To ensure I don’t resort to heavy drinking, I’ve made a list of things the kids and I can do inside while the weather is terrible. Since it has been either bitterly cold or blowing snow every day for a month, we’ve had a lot of days inside. I’m starting to run out of ideas. We’ve baked muffins, cookies, healthy granola bars. We’ve watched movies, played video games, danced. We’ve had tea parties, and built forts out of every pillow and blanket in the house. I thought I’d start the kids on a new game. I called it “Let’s pretend we’re mommy.” They were all for it! Hooray! A game! Games are always fun…  Not this game though. I filled a few buckets with water and vinegar and gave them some rags. I’m sure they were thinking it was some sort of interesting water table game. Silly kids. They got to wipe down ledges and baseboards. It was fun…for all of 5 minutes. Then they decided that putting all of the play food they have scattered throughout the house into the buckets was more fun. So, eventually I ended up with three kids soaked in a vinegar/water combination and a pile of very clean play food. Great.

At that point, I decided I’d make play doh. I thought it was a surefire way to kill a few hours. The recipe actually worked, and the kids got a good 15 minutes of entertainment out of it. ONLY 15 MINUTES!! They have moved to the next room, and I’m left with about an hour of cleanup since they mashed it into the floor, and crumbled it into tiny balls that are scattered throughout the kitchen. Excellent.

I sometimes feel like my main purpose in life is to stand nearby waiting for them to ask me for something, do something for them, help them fix something. I could stand in one spot (here in the kitchen) and every 5 minutes someone would ask me something. “May I have a drink? I’m hungry. Can you put on a movie? My foot hurts. Fix it?” I’m technically not doing anything, and yet I’m always busy. Even as I type this, I know there will be consequences. I’m not paying attention for 15 minutes. Do you know what 3 bored kids can destroy in that short amount of time? Many, many things. I’ll let you know what they come up with this time.

So, now I need to scour Pinterest for more ideas. It’s not even lunchtime, if I don’t find something to do with them, they will eat me alive.

Pictures of our play-doh fun.






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