Friday Night Skiing

Last night we made last minute plans to take the kids skiing. We went to the local hill (which is very small to everyone but my sister and I), and got the kids on skis. In my head I imagined Natalie and Jack falling down once, losing their minds and never putting skis on again. This is pretty much exactly what happened to me as a kid. My sister had a pretty similar experience, but hers ended with her mistakenly skiing through the parking lot because she couldn’t stop. Even though their father is a great skier, I assumed that our kids would follow in my footsteps. The opposite happened and I couldn’t be happier about that. Natalie LOVED it! She’d fall down and yell “I’m fine!” and laugh. I was so proud of her. At one point she convinced her Aunt to follow her up the hill (on foot, she wasn’t skiing), and chase her down. I could hear Natalie screaming “LIBBY!! You have to get ahead of me so I don’t crash!!” The things your niece will talk you into. Poor Libby was busting it down the hill alongside Natalie. The ultimate work-out!

Jack had a bit of a rough start. He decided he wasn’t skiing at all because he hated the helmet he had to wear. He’s only 3 so we let him sit and watch for awhile with Amelia, his Aunt and I. By the time the Tall Man (a nickname the kids gave their Aunt’s partner) arrived, Jack wanted to give it a try. He loved it too. By the end of the night Natalie screamed “Mom, did you see me carve snow?” Too cute. The kids had a great time and can’t wait to go again. I guess one of my newest goals is to catch up with my 3 and 5 year old, and ski the bunny hill.

A terrible picture, but this was Natalie’s first run down Bambi.



Jack & Q skiing – with the tall man and Q’s mom (no skis, running after him).



Jack & the tall man.



Millie wishing she was old enough to ski. 


4 thoughts on “Friday Night Skiing

    • She was so cute… Until she told me she’d be staying until closing. Didn’t happen, but I’m glad she wasn’t as afraid as I am.

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