Millie’s Restaurant: Chez Always…

My kids love picnics. If ever they are out of control and acting like fools, I just need to scream “WHO WANTS TO HAVE A PICNIC??” I don’t know why they love eating off the dog-hair covered living room floor, but they do. If it’s summer we head outside, but more often than not if I serve cheese, crackers and fruit on plastic plates in front of the TV and everyone is in heaven. Today is a snow day (I’m still waiting on the imaginary storm), so my kids are bored and driving me insane. Since today sucks, I let them have a picnic lunch in the living room. Natalie and Jack always set up their picnics with extreme care. They find tea towels to use as “fancy” tablecloths. They set out cutlery and fold napkins to make it a fine dining event. They love pretending they are in a restaurant and will even make menus and order their food from me. It’s actually quite a production for some pb&j sandwiches.

As they were setting up, Millie was tearing through, ripping everything apart. Natalie got really upset and was screaming that she wouldn’t have lunch with her sister because she “wrecks everything and has boogers.” Fair enough. I encouraged Millie to set up her own picnic area and she was up for that challenge. I was slicing apples and not really paying attention to all of the banging and noise she was making. For a not-even-2-year-old, she’s very efficient AND creative. She carried her own plate to her table, and when I turned the corner, I found THIS…



So cute, I thought…. Then I noticed the maxi-pad under her plate. I have no idea what her theory was on that, but she was very proud of her place setting skills. 

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