Skipping Christmas Pt. 1: Getting There Was Half The Battle…

Day of Departure: Wake kids up early. Our friends arrive and we set off to the airport in Syracuse. The kids are stoked! We are early, so we stop at McDonald’s for lunch before our flight. I make comments about how hilarious it would be if our flight was cancelled after all of our planning. We arrive at the airport. Flight cancelled. Kids running around the airport. I am swearing. The guys go to check on the situation. They come back to tell us that we will have to wait 2 days until the next flight. Again, more swearing. They leave again. They come back with sets of keys in their hands. We are now driving to Florida, in rented SUVs and flying home 2 weeks later. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve said “I WILL NEVER DRIVE WITH MY KIDS TO FLORIDA!!” I can’t handle driving with them for more than 30 minutes. Now I’m loading my kids up and driving to Florida (21 hours) with zero notice, and no preparations? You’ve got to be kidding me. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a blizzard? Great idea! So, with two SUVs (with NO 4-wheel drive), 6 kids, 4 tired and pissed off parents, we set off. We didn’t have blankets or pillows or even snacks for the kids. We had a tiny portable dvd player that has some sort of electrical short that made it cut in and out, a bottle of water and a couple packs of candy. We left around 3 p.m. from Syracuse. The weather was terrible. I was pretty sure we were going to die. In fact, I remember watching the mile markers on the side of the highway so I’d be prepared in the off-chance that I’d survive the crash, and be able to call for help. We drove very slowly until 7 p.m. when we stopped for dinner. Dinner with 6 kids who have been sitting in a car for 4 hours? Not very fun, but we made it through. We loaded them back up, and drove straight there (with 2 stops for gas). We arrived in Florida by morning. We stopped for one of the most disgustingly greasy and horrific truck stop breakfasts of my life, and finally arrived at our destination well before lunch. SUCCESS! I can’t believe I made it through that without losing my mind. I think that if we had planned to drive, and we were prepared for 24 hrs in the car with the kids, we never would have survived. We were caught off-guard, and it worked in our favour. That said, I would NEVER do that again.

We made it! Side note: Don’t you think it’s hilarious that we had virtually matching SUVs that travelled together the entire way down?


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