Oh the Memories…

A few days ago my aunt asked me to dig up some pictures of Mille & Jack as newborns. As I have never actually printed any pictures of any of the early days with my kids, I took this as an opportunity to go through the hundreds of pictures that I have either posted on Facebook, or kept on my computer. Just as I’m taking a tear-filled trip down memory lane, a lovely friend of mine posted a picture of me and a friend at a Blessing Way that was held for me during the end of my pregnancy with Natalie. I love this picture (not so much) because it reminds me of my “sasquatch days,” when I was ginormous and constantly red-faced and sweating. It was my first pregnancy, and I had a blast eating everything, lazing around and basically treating life like a vacation. I think that’s important for the first time. You really need that rest, because when you have 1 and then 2 and then 3 babies, you will NEVER rest again.

So, here I am, looking at a zillion pictures of my babies. I’m all nostalgic and thinking about how awesome it was to have a new baby at home. So cute, so cuddly. I need one. I’m going to tell DH that we’re having another baby STAT! Just before things start to get out of hand, I pulled myself off the ledge. I started going through my Facebook statuses. This is what I found:

Facebook Status from Feb. 7, 2010 – 3 days before Jack is born: “Kathryn Baldwin will remember what she feels like right now just in case she ever feels the need to do this again.”

Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson because 2 years later I had this to say:

Feb. 24, 2012 – 3 days post birth of baby #3: “Looking and feeling like a worn out bowling alley whore. Long live dictator Millie!”

Feb. 27, 2012 – 6 days after having Amelia:  “1st attempt at getting 3 kids out the door by 9 a.m. Better start this mission early!”

When I read these things I have to wonder… Am I willing to go back to that? I now sleep through the night, pee alone (sometimes) and have the beginnings of a social life again (not really, but at least I don’t sit in a rocking chair all day). 

Some people HATE Facebook, but not me. I LOVE it. If it weren’t for Facebook I might have forgotten how horrific life with a newborn can be. The pictures are sweet, and I could look at them forever. They are smiley and convincing. But my Facebook statuses? They never lie!

Pictures like these…

Natalie, our #1 girl. So sweet, and fuzzy.


Jack at 1 day old. He was so sweet (and still is).


Amelia’s birth. Totally caught off guard, 2 weeks early. My second home birth. It was amazing, and easily one of the best nights of my life. She was and will always be my baby.



But then I look at pictures like this…



And I remember how much fun it is to NOT have a baby! 




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