So, since there was no post about my adventures in singing and not screaming my head off, you can safely assume that I bailed on that idea after the first hour (not even). Today was another day of one fight after another between the kids. All day long, screaming and crying. Now Natalie and Jack are in their separate corners. Jack is crying because Natalie called him penis hands (creative and kinda true), and Natalie is expressing her anger through art. 

This is what happens when Jack pisses Natalie off. 



Where’s Jack? Oh right, that toot, poop, penis hands brother of hers is no longer in the family picture. 

2 thoughts on “

  1. Oh shit I have the same family picture with no q man…things have been bad here since 3 pm ….q has called jady similar names…and me a little but hole we r gonna need a lot to drink in Florida.He bumped heads with a cute little girl today and she now has a black eye….all she could say was man that quinten has a big hard head….serenity now

    • I am worried about Florida as well… In fact, I keep dreaming about that damn white carpet. Last dream consisted of Q’s head falling right off, and everyone freaking out and me screaming “GET HIM OUTSIDE!! THE CARPET! HE’S BLEEDING ON THE CARPET!!”

      Kids fighting = lots o’ wine!

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