Singing Instead of Shouting…

I will admit that somedays I do a lot of yelling. Days spent with 3 kids can be very stressful, and I’ve been known to lose my cool when things take a turn for the worse. Last week as I was browsing through blogs, I found something that made me laugh. I’m new to this, so I have no clue how I actually ended up where I did, but I was inspired by the words of another mother. I found a blog by a woman who is on a mission to stop yelling. I was intrigued. She has decided to sing instead of yell. That’s right. When things get crazy, and she wants to yell at her kids, she busts out in song. “The Hillllllllls are alive with the sound of muuusssic…” This cracked me up, and made me want to jump on this singing bandwagon. You can read her blog here. It’s a pretty neat idea.

Yesterday was a day that brought me to the brink of insanity. My kids were on top of their “drive mom bat-shit crazy” game. I believe they wanted to see if they could break me. They came close. By the end of the day my throat was so raw from yelling that it sounded as if I had been drinking whiskey and chain-smoking all day long. It was rough. This will not happen today. Today, when they hit, fight, break or destroy something, I will not lose my cool. I will not spend the day yelling at them. Today, I WILL SING!! 

Tonight we’re being joined by their 2 friends for a sleep-over. 5 kids, 1 mom, no yelling. A test of wills… Bring it on!!




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