Day One

People have been telling me that I should write a blog for a long time now. I always thought that the idea was pretty ridiculous. I mean really, why would anyone in this world care to read about my life, my thoughts, or my incessant ramblings about my kids.  But alas, I’ve broken down and started something I said I’d never do. I have my reasons. The first and foremost being my fear of forgetting, of one day looking back and drawing a blank. What if I forget the hilarious things my 3 year old son says to me? What if I forget how sweet and snuggly my youngest daughter is? What if I forget how annoyingly honest my five year old can be? I don’t want to forget these things. I can’t forget these things. I will admit, I tried the scrap booking thing. In five years I have one page complete, and thousands of dollars in scrap booking supplies in a tote. Let’s get serious, I hate arts and crafts. I don’t have the patience to put together themed pages, all colour co-ordinated and perfect. I do envy those women who are capable of these things, but I’ll get over it. Instead, I’ll write here. I’ll post pictures, I’ll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of my life. That’s the thing about scrapbooks, no one makes a page about the bad stuff that happens. They don’t sell “post-partum depression” stickers at Michaels do they? How about a page for “I wanted to kill you in your sleep last night?” Life is beautiful. That is true. But, it is also very hard sometimes. It is filled with lots of ups and downs and all arounds. The most important thing we can do, is embrace it all. To live it, and to get through the hard times, celebrate the good, be thankful and grateful and all those wonderful things those cheesy quotes tell us. It’s also good to rant, and to get really pissed off, and to be mad as hell. Those are completely normal and sometimes very satisfying feelings. So, here it begins. 

Since I love a good family picture, here is one of my favourites. This is our family last Christmas. I don’t think we’ll torture ourselves with family pictures again this year. 


3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. How much fun….good for you….I think those quotes from the kids are soooo funny and I’m happy to know they won’t be forgotten….you go girl

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